About us

The idea of setting up an independent and non monatonous union for the aspirant and enthusiastic dubbing talents of Telangana state started from lots of pain humiliations and strugglings at one point. But soon it became a flood of ideas with lot more of well wishers supporters and dubbing aspirants.

Being a senior dubbing artist (30+ yrs of experience),our founder president Smt Kavita Jhansi came across all the hurdles and their solutions through out her dubbing journey. Major issues she found were higher membership fees, lack of communication, lack of guidance from the existing union to the aspirant dubbing artists..
All these issues made aspirant dubbing artists hault at crossroads which made them more confused, tensed and painful..

At this point of time the very thought of Telangana Movie and TV Dubbing Artists Union started taking a shape..

Aspirant dubbing artists need to remember one important thing ,that association is far way apart from union….. Association is a just a group of people without any legal recognition, where as union is a group of people with legal recognition from the government under labour department which is entitled to get all the available welfare schemes ,benefits and security from the government like health care,life insurance, housing schemes….etc
Many supporters started strengthening TMDAU by all the possible ways….Be it moral,.. Be it official and be it confidence…
Mr V.Sudhakar , President National – Print & Electronic Media played a vital role in shaping up of TMDAU by spending his valuable time ,and is the one who is always to be remembered and grateful for his unconditional support…


1) To provide a right platform with benefits for aspirant dubbing artists .. like
A) Membership fees with nominal fee as against thousands and lakhs of rupees…

B) Authorised valid ID cards

C) Display of all the available artists details with their additional talents in the film industry along with their contact details such as phone numbers, whatsapp numbers, e- mail IDs etc

D)Right approach and guidance

E) Possibility of dubbing workshops in the coming days/near future

F) Opportunities for the deserved artists

G) Resolving the issues between Dubbing studios, production companies,producers,directors and artists if any within the permissible /possible limits/ areas

H) More programmes towards the welfare of dubbing artists to come ahead gradually


Our request is to utilise this platform TMDAU to create a clear path and to grow yourself to the new heights in your career as well as in your life too….

IMPORTANT ….Voice , discipline, punctuality, right approach are keys to your success…………